About Luna

Hi, my name is Luna
I was born with Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. It is a rare disease that affects only 1% of the population. During pregnancy I had a failed melanocyte migration process and I was born with that big black birthmark on my face.
Mom and dad are doing everything to help me. We saw a lot of doctors in USA, but the surgeries were very expensive. The best price and less aggressive procedures are done in Russia, so we came and had already 2 surgeries, but we depend of the donations to keep doing it... it’s at least 8 more procedures over almost 2 years.
Look how surgery can help me:
With my self-esteem, when I am older and already understand my problem.
In my physical health, seeking a treatment that preserves my muscles and movements of the face.
In my social life, protecting me from bullying from people who still don't understand that I had no choice.
In diseases that may originate from Nevus, such as Melanoma (malignant cancer).
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